Patricia & Andreas have been creating spiritual music for about 20 years. It originates in their journeys around Europe, India, Middle & Southamerica. They also express the Native American way of living in their work

Their greatest strength is well- balanced interplay, the colorful interpretation of spiritual & social contents

Patricia del Mar

voice, guitar, harps, indian flute, harmonium



Patricia Del Mar composes & writes love songs with spiritual and social contents. With her crystal clear & expressive voice she manages to touch people`s hearts & to move through different musical directions with ease

Andreas Maximilian

bongos, indian drum, bombo, dumbek, berimao, tablas, congas,djembe, cajon, udu, talking drum, bata, percussions

Andreas Maximilian adds a special character to Patricia’s songs with his wide range of musical instruments.He developed a creative way of bringing each instrument to life. He achieved this by familiarizing himself with the traditional stile of playing.

Concert offers

we offer three different types of concerts:


1 Luna y Sol songs

A fine selection from our 8 cds and also unreleased songs

which are sung in different languages and accompanied with a beautiful variety of instruments: guitar,

percussion, flutes and harmonium.


2 Sanskrit- Mantras and shamanic Earth songs

invite you to listen, to sing, to relax and to energize.

This concerts are accompanied with original indian instruments such as harmonium, tablas, shruti box, indian flutes, drums and guitar.


3 Latin-American love songs

from Mexico to Argentina

A romantic mood with beautiful songs from traditional folk music, "Nueva Canción" and " Nueva Trova"

invites you to listen and enjoy!

Some of our concerts:


France Avignon, Nimes 2016 (F)

Licht der Stille Radio Fest Augsburg 2016 (D)

Sommer am Sparkassenplatz IBK 2013 (A)

fète de la musique IBK 2013 (A)

Ungarn Folkfestival 2013 (HU)

IBK Ausstellung entre ellos tierra von AM 2011 (A)

Brixlegg Ausstellung Symbole von AM 2011 (A)

IBK Ak Ausstellung de mexico a argentina von AM 2011 (A)

Fondo Nacional de las Artes 2009 BS.AS. (ARG)

Iglesia San Jorge 2009 BS.AS. (ARG)

Kulturzentren in Buenos Aires 2009 (ARG)

Aoniken 2009 BS.AS. (ARG)

Centro Culturales en Buenos Aires 2008 (ARG)

Folkfestival Ungarn 2008 (HU)

Aoniken 2007 BS.AS. (ARG)

Frauen Kunsthandwerksmarkt IBK 2007 (A)

France Avignon, Nimes Sommer 2007 (F)

Tapabar IBK 2007 (A)

Frauen Kunsthandwerksmarkt IBK 2007 (A)

" Santa fe" Venezuela 2007 (V)

Vilcabamba, Loja, Cuenca, Otavalo Ecuador 2007 (ECU)

Salta Buenos Aires 2007/2006 (ARG)

Lourdes, Avignon, Carcassone... France 2006 (F)

Atelier Tiefengraber Mieming 2006 (A)

Testarossa Telfs 2006 (A)

In(n)motion Fest Kufstein 2005 (A)

Atelier Tiefengraber Mieming 2005 (A)

Folkfestival Cosquin Argentina 2005 (ARG)

Westbahntheater Ibk 2004 (A)

Vilcabamba, Jardin Escondido Ecuador 2004 (ECU)

Loja Ecuador 2004 (ECU)

Ungarn Folkfestival 2004 (HU)

Uzés, Avignon, Les Baux, St. Remy France 2001/ 02/ 03 (F)

Software Congress, Vierwaldstättersee Schweiz 2003 (CH)

Money, Buisness, Partnership Congress Alpbach 2001/ 02/ 03 (A)

Märchenprojekt Telfs 2000 (A)

FEUERLUWA Kongress Alpbach 2000 (A)

Folkfestival Hallein 1999 (A)

Schlosswirt Juval Südtirol 1998/ 99 (I)

Treibhaus Ibk 1998 (A)

Ethno Nacht Telfs 1998 (A)

Guatemala Ausstellung Telfs 1997/ Zirl 1998/ IBK 1998/

Hopfgarten 1999 (A)

Tiroler Volksschauspiele Telfs 1998 (A)

Utopia IBK 1997 (A)



Luna y Sol

Patricia del Mar

Andreas Maximilian



Telefon: 0043/(0)677 62 75 91 44


fb: luna y

yt: patriciadelmar@kristallsängerin