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MANDALA - Exposition in the Atelier LYS



The exposition „MANDALA“ in the Studio- Atelier LYS in Rustrel


Andreas Maximilian is an austrian artist who moved his Atelier LYS to the Provence in 2018. For more than 30 years he shows his paintings to the public in various expositions.

The paintings of Andreas Maximilian are exceptionally bright and colorful. A real joy to experience each of them!

Mandala means focus, centre and meditation based on Holy Geometry, flowers, stars, crystals and other beautiful forms.


The Exposition „MANDALA“

can be visited from 26th june to 27th september 2020

friday, saturday and sunday 16.00- 19.00h

and with special arrangements



youtube: patriciadelmar@kristallsängerin

fb: luna y sol@arcoirisrecords.at


Atelier LYS from Andreas Maximilian & Patricia del Mar

F- 84400 Rustrel, Grand Rue, France 



MANTRA ist Schwingung, die unsere Chakren harmonisiert, ist heilsam für Körper, Geist und Seele.

Sanskrit, die Sprache der Jahrtausende alten Mantras,

gilt als die Mutter aller Sprachen.

Erdengesänge können uns der Weltenmutter näher bringen

und unseren direkten Bezug zur göttlichen Schöpfung stärken.

Weder Mantras noch Erdengesänge sind an eine bestimmte religiöse Einstellung gebunden.


MANTRA SINGING in the Atelier LYS 2020


Patricia del Mar is a singer- songwriter

who loves Sanskrit Mantras and Indian Earth Songs that she wants to share with you.

Mantra singing is easy. It is a light and healthy way to relax your thinking,

to focus on love and beauty, to meditate and to breath deeply.


bring with you: a pillow, a blanket, a water bottle and a loving heart

participation is free, donation is welcome!

reservation required: info@lunaysol.at


Atelier LYS, Rustrel

84400 Rustrel, Grand Rue, France


we meet on fridays, 19.00- 20.30,  3 july - 25 september 2020



youtube: patriciadelmar@kristallsängerin

fb: luna y sol@arcoirisrecords.at





Luna y Sol

Patricia del Mar

Andreas Maximilian


E-Mail: ínfo@lunaysol.at



fb:luna y sol@arcoirisrecords.at